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Reduce Gas Waste

Electronic gas regulator optimisation

Be in control of your gas – Get more out of your cylinders

On average you could be sending back up to 7% of usable LPG to the suppliers, particularly during colder months and high gas usage – Clesse CompacTi CII features embedded technology as standard in every device. Whether you decide to do a full installation or not from day one you know that you're starting to use the cylinder more efficiently.

CompacTi – unique patented technology enables the device to delay the cylinder exchange notification based on usage and environmental conditions

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Hybrid technology – mechanical and electronics work in harmony

The App programs the device with installation characteristics, and provides advanced information showing what’s happening and when to change

Real time measurements of cylinder pressure, temperature and time are processed using CII intelligence to optimise your existing CompacTi ACO regulator

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Why do I have residual LPG in my cylinder ?

LPG Propane can contain up to 10% of other naturally occurring hydrocarbons such as butanes and pentanes that evaporate at higher temperatures than propane.

These useful gases could remain in the cylinder whilst the ACO starts using the reserve cylinders to ensure the appliances maintain the correct operating pressures from your ACO regulator.

CII calculates a delay in notification to give opportunity for the hydrocarbons to evaporate into useful usable gas so supplying more energy out of the cylinder

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Holiday & Residential Park Operators and Owners
Holiday & Residential Park Operators and Owners
LPG Cylinder suppliers & Gas companies
LPG Cylinder suppliers & Gas companies
Multi purpose customer information leaflet
Multi purpose customer information leaflet

We offer credit and pay as you go accounts...

We offer accounts to all of our trade customers. There are two types; Credit Accounts and Cash Accounts. They both give trade price benefits, with the credit accounts offering monthly credit facilities, and the Cash Accounts enabling you to pay as you go.

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