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Individual Users
Park Operators

Putting you in contol of your LP Gas Cylinder supply

What can the CompacTi device do for me?

Standard user Free application features & benefits
Park site operators

Eliminates physical cylinder checks

Optimises gas cylinder content usage – No sending part full cylinders back to supplier

Individual users

No need to move from your sofa – Check the status of your CompacTi from the comfort of home

Receive notifications when your cylinder needs exchanging

How can this system work for me?
Park Operators:
  • No more shaking cylinders and Customer night run outs
  • Reduce the time spent out on Park exchanging cylinders
  • Install more than one CompacTi device on a single account. Start using straight away at no extra cost
  • Use in App “View” to see devices installed on the account
  • “Site Scan” – go and find the cylinders to exchange. Walk or drive by, at a safe distance and improve efficiency
  • Filter the results of collected readings on the App and sort to help you manage collecting many devices in one go
  • Minimise customer contact with Park site staff
Individual users:

1. Create Account & Install

  • Personalise the device, with a name, plot or house number.
  • Improve the CII further by adding details like cylinder size, quantity and appliance demand


  • Receive notification when cylinders run out
  • Order Gas directly from the App to participating cylinder suppliers
  • Optimises the gas cylinders usage further than standard default settings
2. Install & Go
  • No need for registration, just make a note of the serial number, no need to login just use ” See ACO status ” in the start screen.


  • No registration or set up installation


  • No customising the CompacTi device with unique name
  • You’ll see all nearby devices within range
  • No receipt of notifications
  • No ability to Order Gas form your supplier through the App.
Standard Plus features & benefits
Park site operators

Download Site Scan harvest from CompacTi server ORDER GAS for owner fleet

  • Multiple users using a single park account can ” Site Scan” fleet stock to harvest Cylinder status
  • Download data from server for site cylinder manager to press the Envelope button to send to e-mail
  • Trace unread items in Grey to capture full portfolio of devices.
  • Receive Gas orders directly from the App on Owners mobile devices directly to your inbox
  • Improve back office efficiency to plan cylinder exchanges programme combining harvested fleet data and owners Order Gas mails
Why will my Gas Cylinder business benefit from CompacTi with Standard plus?
Gas Cylinder Suppliers
ORDER GAS facility
  • Sign up to Standard plus package for Cylinder suppliers
  • Install CompacTR800 OPSO and CompacTi device to your customers addresses
  • App installation on Customer personal account.
  • CompacTI device stores Cylinder supplier details
  • Customers receive App notification when cylinder runs out
  • Customers ORDER GAS through the App directly to Cylinder supplier
  • Receive Gas orders from customers via e-mail from the App.
  • Improve back office efficiency and plan cylinder exchanges
  • No more last minute calls from distressed customers
  • Retain non contract customers by offering this service
Premium package features & benefits

Park Operators & Cylinder suppliers

The complete remote monitoring solution for fleet or contract customers using an installed private network, GSM or IoT communications providing consolidated information remotely

How will I benefit from upgrading to Premium?
  • No need to drive, walk by or physically make regular cylinder checks
  • Late night calls eliminated from remote customers with no Gas, offer customers a complete managed cylinder replenishment service as a bulk tank replacement
  • Receive daily e-mail spreadsheet with comprehensive details of run outs
  • Access to web portal option for additional analysis supported locally by Clesse – great if managing large or many sites centrally
  • Streamline the cylinder operation and further improve back office efficiency scheduling maintenance teams and cylinder deliveries
Alternative to Bulk Tank supply

Ideal for:

  • Bulk tank replacement – uneconomic bulk tanks or new business and maintain contractual services
  • Oil to Gas – convenient replacement solutions based on cylinders
  • SMA aerial connection – House all 4 cylinders in an aesthetic cabinet
  • Optimise logistics and operations – integration into existing reporting systems
  • Add metering and change your customer offer

Download our handy leaflets to your device

Holiday & Residential Park Operators and Owners
Holiday & Residential Park Operators and Owners
LPG Cylinder suppliers & Gas companies
LPG Cylinder suppliers & Gas companies
Multi purpose customer information leaflet
Multi purpose customer information leaflet

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