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Belling Hob Safety Notice


Arleigh has been advised that there is a potential quality issue with the Belling Gas hob installed in certain caravans (holiday caravans/lodges and residential park homes) manufactured after May 2019.

Please see the attached safety notice for model numbers effected.  Please isolate the gas supply if you have any of these models fitted and contact Belling who will arrange for a free of charge modification.

This is a serious issue which could pose a risk to health or even death.

Belling has issued an Urgent Safety Notice (see attachment 1).  Belling has requested that this Safety Notice is placed in a prominent place at each park e.g. reception areas, shops, bars, notice boards etc.

Belling accords the highest priority to user/customer safety, and it is vitally important that the end user does not use the affected gas hob and isolates the gas supply to the hob immediately using the isolation valve.                                                 

Belling is working with the NCC to try and identify and trace every unit that has an affected Belling Gas Hob installed (within the date range of May 2019 to date) so that Belling can arrange for a modification to be carried out free of charge.                                          



1) Where Belling receives the relevant details from the Holiday Caravan/Lodge/Park Home manufacturers who have installed these affected hobs in caravans since May 2019, then Belling will contact individual parks to supply them with the make, model and serial numbers of those affected units.

Belling has received details from the following companies as of 26/04/2023:

Arronbrook (less than 20 units)

Belling is managing this inspection rectification programme and they are working hard to contact all relevant parks. If you haven’t received contact from Belling then this should indicate that they do not have any records of units with the affected hobs from the above manufacturers installed on your park.  

However, please see point 3.


2) The NCC has received confirmation from the manufacturers listed below that they have not fitted any Belling Hobs during the relevant period:

Europa Caravans

Accordingly, any units on your park from these manufacturers are UNAFFECTED.


3) Call to action        

Any holiday caravans/lodges/park homes on your park manufactured from May 2019 by a manufacturer NOT LISTED in either 1 or 2 above MAY have one of the affected Belling Hob Models installed.

As the Park Operator you have a duty to URGENTLY try and identify any such units. 

We strongly advise that:

  • You contact the supplying agent (your distributor/manufacturer).  They should be aware of the issue and be able to advise whether or not there is an affected hob based on the serial number of the holiday caravans/lodges/park homes.
  • If you do have any units that have affected Belling Hobs installed within units manufactured from May 2019 then:

Action 1 – Send a copy of the Belling letter (see attachment 2) to all relevant owner occupiers.

Action 2 – Ensure that the isolation valve to any affected Belling hob has been turned off (some owners may need assistance with this).

Action 3 – Complete the Belling Data Capture Sheet (see attachment 3) and send this to Belling, without delay, via email to  

Belling can also be contacted by telephone (0343 212 1088)

Action 4 –If you have an onsite Gas Safe Registered Engineer, or you contract in the services of a local Gas Safe Registered Engineer, thenthey can undertake the inspection/rectification work as detailed in Belling’s Technical Bulletin TB451 (see attachment 4). 

Belling must be provided with the information required, as detailed in the Technical Bulletin TB451, upon completion of the remedial work.

WARNING 1 – As this constitutes work under the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations, this rectification work must only be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer who is competent to work on LPG (assuming it’s an LPG installation).

WARNING2 – The replacement part must comply with the specification outlined in the Technical Bulletin TB451. It is critical that the part has a flat face counterbore and that the thread is no longer than 14mm so as to ensure a fully sealed gas connection.


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